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Post Procedure Instructions

This sheet provides added information about the stent(s) placed or the intervention performed inside your artery. Your nurse will give other discharge and medicine guidelines as needed when you leave the facility. If you have any questions after discharge, please contact our office at 386-232-9203.


After this procedure, your doctor will prescribe three medicines that are important for your heart. It is essential to take these medications every day to protect your stent and keep your artery open in cases of angioplasty or atherectomy.

1. Aspirin as anti-platelet therapy

Aspirin lessens the chance of heart attack and stroke. It helps prevent blood clots from forming, allowing the blood to flow more easily.

  • Each day, you will take one 81 mg (non-enteric coated) tablet at bedtime.
  • You will be taking aspirin as a lifelong medication. Do not stop unless instructed by your doctor.

2. Anti-platelet Therapy

In addition to aspirin, you will take one of the following antiplatelet medications. This new medication will help prevent a clot from forming in your stent:

  • Plavix® (clopidogrel) 75 mg daily
  • Effient® (prasugrel) 10 mg daily
  • Brilinta® (ticagrelor) 90 mg twice daily

You will need to take your antiplatelet medicine every day for at least Twelve months for cardiac intervention OR Six months for peripheral interventions.

**Please consult Dr. Ansaarie before discontinuing or stopping this medicine. In some cases, we may want you to continue this medication for a more extended period.

3. Statins

A statin medication lowers cholesterol levels in the blood. This medication helps slow the progression of heart disease. Please take your statin medication as prescribed by your doctor. You may be taking one of the following statins:

  • Lipitor® (atorvastatin)
  • Crestor® (rosuvastatin)
  • Zocor® (simvastatin)
  • Pravachol® (pravastatin)
  • Other _____________

What Can I Expect After the Procedure?

After your procedure, it is typical to have the following:

  • Bruising at the access site that usually fades with 1-2 weeks.

Please follow these instructions at home:

  • Take your medicine as directed.
  • You may shower 48 hours after the procedure or as directed by your doctor. Gently use mild soap and water to clean the site and pat the area dry with a towel.
  • Do not submerge the site in a bathtub, swimming pool, or hot tub.
  • Do not pull, push, or lift anything heavier than 10 lbs. for five days following the procedure (no more than a gallon of milk)
  • Do not drive or operate heavy equipment 24 hours following your discharge to home.
  • Please have a responsible adult available to drive you home from the hospital and be with you for the first 24 hours following the procedure.
  • Please Keep your follow-up appointment with your provider about ten days post-procedure in the office. During this appointment, we can further discuss questions concerning your procedure and assess your access site.

When to Call the Doctor

Contact your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital Emergency Room if you have:

  • Severe angina or chest pain. (This may be a sign of a problem with your heart stent.)
  • Severe pain in the leg (This may be a sign of a problem with your leg stent.)
  • Excessive bruising, bleeding at the site, blood in urine/stool, or black tarry stools.
  • You have a fever, chills, or symptoms of infection at the site.

A Healthy Lifestyle

It is vital to keep a heart-healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can improve your long-term health and decrease your heart attack risk and peripheral vascular disease.

  • Quitting tobacco: the most important thing you can do to protect your health.
  • Managing your blood cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, and stress.
  • The importance of regular exercise.

 Follow-Up Care

Be sure to keep all follow-up care appointments with our providers; the initial follow-up appointment should be approximately 7-10 days following the procedure.

If you had a heart stent or balloon angioplasty, please talk with our providers about starting a medically supervised Cardiac Rehab program.  Similarly, if you have had a stent or angioplasty procedure on your lower extremities, please talk to our providers about starting a PAD walking program if appropriate.

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