There is a very famous saying in the town I was born in “A tree bends when its fruits have ripened; a fresh water cloud hangs low; similarly, a gentleman becomes all the more humble in prosperity.” This was the grass root for seeking education to achieve a fuller meaning to existence and living. My parents never let me forget the five pillars of human creation; Gentleness, humility, frugality, empathy and benevolence. Being a brother of ten other siblings all specializing in the fields of medicine, science and business administration, I did not have a shortage of role models. But the pioneering principles that were given to me as a gift has always kindled in my heart and has been the guiding light through my endeavors.

“A tree bends when its fruits have ripened; a fresh water cloud hangs low; similarly, a gentleman becomes all the more humble in prosperity.”

My sacrifice to come to United states in the bitter cold of November in the city of Chicago, with no heating and at times, a day of compulsory fasting due to financial crunch, cleaning cabs and cooking food in restaurants is no unique story. We all know, have worked with and also help take care of people with similar stories. Getting a single interview at the University of Chicago program and from there road to Critical care Medicine at the Rush University Medical Center with Cook County hospital, then Cardiovascular disease fellow ship at the Cook County- Rush Program and finally to Milwaukee at Saint Luke’s finishing the Interventional and Endovascular fellowship after 9 years, I finally finished my educational chapter of life.

Dr. Ansaarie & Family

Ansaarie Cardiac and Endovascular Center of Excellence is the creation of Dr. Ansaarie and his lovely wife, Nicole Ansaarie.

Nicole Ansaarie also shares a passion for cardiac health, with a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology and Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, specializing in the area of cardiology ranging from outpatient cardiac rehabilitation to inpatient cardiology care.

Dr. Ansaarie and Nicole are avid runners and enjoy spending time outdoors with their two daughters Zohra (7 years old) and Ayana (5 years old). As a family they enjoy swimming, bike rides, reading, the beach, and college sports.


Dr. Imraan Ansaarie, is a board certified Interventional cardiologist and endovascular specialist. He started his medical career by finishing his residency in one of the most influential institutes of United States at University of Chicago. He then moved into critical care training at RUSH university medical center & Cook county hospital where he spent two years in taking care of level I trauma, high risk OB/GYN and high risk neurosurgical patients. He then advanced to cardiovascular disease fellowship at combined program of Cook County hospital & RUSH University, where he further enhanced his skills in echocardiogram and Interventional cardiology. After finishing at these prestigious institutions in the city of Chicago, he moved to the famous and most recognized institution for Interventional cardiology & endovascular procedures at St. Luke’s-Aurora medical center, in Milwaukee, where the nation’s top 3 interventional procedures are performed.

After finishing 11 years of post-graduate training, he moved into a multi-specialty group of 100 physicians & surgeons as a Interventional and Endovascular physician. Here he served as the Department chair for medical specialties as well as the board member for IDP. He was also the first and the youngest vice chair of department of cardiovascular services at memorial hospital of South Bend. He helped in pioneering the Endo-vascular program for a small community in Goshen, part of Indiana University, as well as built an Endovascular AAA program at St Joseph, Mishawka, part of the Trinity Health. He then started looking all over the country to build up a comprehensive world class Cardio-vascular program for an underserved rural community, and he chose Putnam County. He has been here in Putnam community since 2014, intensely working with an integrated group of cardiovascular specialists and local health care system. He has been the principal physician spearheading this STEMI program for Putnam Community hospital and the surrounding community. He has been successful in engaging local authorities as well as other medical communities to build a strong and vibrant program, for this community.

Now, that he has completed his third program buildup, Dr. Ansaarie has started his own private clinical practice in East Palatka with an even greater determination to provide health care to a community which for so long has been neglected. Ansaarie Cardiac & Endovascular Center of Excellence is a comprehensive and holistic cardio-vascular center with a sound mission to provide the community with cutting edge cardio vascular care, irrespective of their financial, social, educational or inherent bias; building strong roots in the community we serve, and educating the public with the knowledge of preventative cardio-vascular care.